Student Activities

Beyond the Classroom

Resurrection Catholic School offers opportunities for students to gain experience outside the classroom that expand their knowledge of the world and its possibilities.

Anyone with a special skill that wishes to offer a club for students is welcome to call the principal at 717-392-3083 to discuss ideas. We would welcome a Language Club, STEM Club, Lego Club.

The possibilities are endless. Here are some activities offered at Resurrection.


Yearbook Club

is comprised of 7th and 8th graders who have expressed an interest in showcasing and publishing school memories and events.

The club meets one day a week after school until 3:30 p.m. from September through MarchThey are advised by the 7th and 8th grade homeroom teachers as well as the technology teacher.

No previous experience is necessary. All are welcome! Members accomplish the following skills.


Members are responsible for photographing events during the school year and uploading these photos to the online library.

Lifetouch Webease

The students then use the tools from the online Lifetouch Webease Yearbook creation program to choose the theme for the yearbook and to select which events are to be included in the yearbook.

Layout and Design

They also choose the layout and create each page of the yearbook.


The Singing Saints

The school choir, for grades 3 through 8, meets Tuesdays after school from 3 to 4 p.m. Students may go to the after-school program from choir practice.

Newspaper Club

RCS Press

Students meet after school on Wednesdays until 4 p.m. to plan the production of the RCS Press. Under the leadership of volunteer Dr. Kathy Brabson, the staff learns the following skills. Samples of the RCS Press can be found here and here.

Planning and Interviewing

Students discuss the theme of each issue and suggest story topics. They make contact with interview subjects, write interview questions and conduct research to gather content for their articles.

Writing and Editing

Students write story drafts, revise them based on classmate and instructor suggestions and edit according to publishing guidelines.

Layout and Design

Once stories are ready for press, the student reporters take photographs to accompany their articles, and identify other graphic elements to make the issue appeal to their readers.


Reading Club

Book Club, for students in grades 5-8, meets Thursdays after school from 3 to 4 p.m. Students lead discussions on their selected book, engage in activities related to one of the books and sample food from the region the book showcases. Students learn the following skills.

The Art of Conversation

Students have real conversations with others as they exchange ideas and discuss how a book or topic relates to what is happening in the world around them.


Each week, a new leader is chosen for the session. That person is responsible for leading discussions and working with the coordinating teacher to plan the activity and snack.

A Love of Reading

With students choosing their own books, they never feel forced to read a book they don’t like. This fosters a lifelong love of reading while introducing students to a wide variety of books.

Math Club

Crazy 8s

Crazy 8s is a math club unlike any other. It offers unique, high-energy math activities that appeal to kids of all math abilities. The club meets for one hour after school on Wednesdays, January to March, and there is no cost to join.

Age Levels

Two separate age groups, grades 3-5 and K-2 use the same basic activities, but with more challenging math for the older level. The club offers diverse materials to handle a wide range of abilities even among kids in the same grade.


Mischief-making activities that kids love, like Bouncy Dice Explosion and Toilet Paper Olympics, start with fun and then roll into math. Each session includes bonus activities so kids ahead of the curve have plenty to chew on.


Crazy 8s is recreation, not “schoolwork,” but activities align with Common Core State Standards. It’s designed to show kids that math is a fun, recreational activity to do with friends during playtime outside of school.


Service Club

Our Service Club is for middle school students who want to give back to the school and their parishes.  The goal of Service Club is to provide a safe environment for the students to perform various service related projects. Examples include
  • Making motivational water bottles for the Resurrection Girls on the Run program.
  • Decorating a selfie frame for the school’s Extraordinary Family Fall Fest.
  • Creating videos for the Extraordinary Give.
  • Volunteering for the school’s benefit concert, Rock the Church.
  • Organizing donations for the school’s Wall of Giving.