School Board

Resurrection Catholic School is a consolidated Catholic school consisting of four sponsoring parishes. These parishes include St. Anthony of Padua, San Juan Bautista, St. Joseph, and St. Mary’s Church. We also serve any family who desires to send their children from another Catholic parish without a parish school such as St. Catherine of Siena, St. Phillip the Apostle and St. Richard’s Church. RCS also serves families who want their child educated in a Christ centered environment accepting our religious instruction.

The responsibility of the School Board is to provide oversight regarding finance, property and maintenance (although buildings are property of the parishes), development, strategic planning, policy development, technology, assisting the Executive Pastor in the selection of a lay principal, evaluation of the principal’s relationship to the Board and major curriculum changes.

How can you bring an opportunity or concern to the School Board?

First, the parent or guardian addresses any concerns or opportunities to the administration, which is the principal. The principal may have an insight to offer or an answer to a question. If the issue is not resolved at this step, the next step is to meet with the Executive Pastor of RCS. The Executive Pastor can address issues through a variety of ways, working with the administration, the School Board and also the pastors. If anyone wishes to address the Board, the request should be made at least one week prior to the Board meeting whenever possible by contacting the Chairperson, the Principal or the Executive Pastor.

Our School Board meets bimonthly, the second Thursday of the month. Our parish representatives serve a term of three years and receive no compensation. Meetings are open unless designated by the Chairperson or Executive Pastor. Parents are welcomed to any Board meeting but no children may attend.

Officers & Committee Chairpersons

Executive Pastor – Rev. Leo Goodman III, St. Mary’s Parish
Chairperson – David Schreck
Secretary – Joe Legenstein
Principal – Brenda Weaver
Finance Committee 
St. Joseph Representative – Cean English
Marketing and Development Director – Donna Walker
Faculty Representative – Mary Scaccia
PTO President – Cristina Parveris
Athletic Association President – Matthew Tongel


Rev. Daniel O’Brien – Saint Anthony of Padua Parish Rev. Allan Wolfe – Saint Joseph and San Juan Bautista Parishes Rev. Leo Goodman III – Saint Mary’s Parish

Parish Representatives

Saint Anthony of Padua Parish
David Schreck
Donna Soto

Saint Joseph’s Parish

Cean English

San Juan Bautista Parish

Lucy Cruz

Saint Mary’s Parish

Cristina Parveris