Rock The Church III featured the debut performance of the Resurrection Alma Mater, “Resurrection We All Love You,” sung by the student choir, The Singing Saints.

Teacher Sylvia Buller found the words to the Alma Mater while researching RCS history in preparation for its 25th anniversary this year. Buller’s attempts to discover the music were futile, however, so music teacher Joshua Vyskocil wrote new music for the song originally written by Dana DeJesus and Mark Smith.

Rock The Church III featured choirs and ensembles from the renowned Wheatland Chorale, Lancaster churches and Resurrection school. The night began with WGAL Chief Meteorologist Joe Calhoun, the event emcee, telling the audience they were about to hear beautiful music, and St. Anthony pastor Father Daniel O’Brien describing the event as a spiritual experience.

Photos from Rock The Church III, held April 21 in St. Anthony of Padua Church, Lancaster, Pa., are shown below.

Prior to the concert, a $5 meal was offered in the school cafeteria. Empanadas from Upohar Ethnic Cuisine, eggrolls from a St. Anthony parishioner, rice, salad, applesauce and drink were prepared by the Resurrection kitchen staff and served up by volunteer parents with student help on the floor.

The event was made possible by these sponsors.

The Wheatland Chorale is directed by Eric Riley; associate conductor is Emery DeWitt. Also filling the church with song were St. Anthony of Padua ensemble directed by Robert Grabowski, Historic St. Mary Choir directed by Stephanie Sands, San Juan Bautista ensemble directed by Anthony Wiker, St. Joseph Choir directed by Dorothea Parrish. Opening and closing prayers were from Father Leo Goodman and Father Allan Wolfe, respectively.

Groups played beautifully, and you can hear these songs, and others, here.

RCS Alma Mater

Wheatland Chorale “Freedom Come”

St. Anthony Ensemble “Halleluia”

San Juan Bautista Ensemble “Vayan El Mundo” 

St. Mary Choir “Sing to the Lord, Hallelu!”

St. Joseph Choir “Alleluia”