Guests and students attending a hallway and mural dedication at Resurrection Catholic School today were part of a special event that honored a former student and the school’s history.

The hallway was named The Don Nicklaus Memorial Hallway. Nicklaus attended St. Anthony of Padua School which was located in the Resurrection building until 1991, when three city schools consolidated and formed Resurrection Catholic School. He graduated eighth grade in 1961 and passed away in 2015.

The dedication includes a skylight mural painted by Lancaster artist Steve Wilson who is part of the Red Raven Art Gallery.

The mural, part of the school’s 25th anniversary celebrations, tells the story of the school. It shows Resurrection’s logo, a cross with a Bible upon it and rays of light behind it. The schools that consolidated – St. Anthony, St. Joseph and Historic St. Mary – are represented with the year each school began. The oldest school was St. Joseph which opened in 1852 in the church basement.

The ceremony was held during Catholic Schools Week as a fitting time to recognize the contribution of alumni to the school and to Catholic education. Former students and family and friends of Nicklaus attended.