Students took a lesson from Santa Claus and made gifts for others on Dec. 6, the school’s annual Day of Sharing celebrated on the feast of the Saint Nicholas, the first gift giver.

Resurrection Catholic School students painted ornaments, glued paper chains, cut out paper doves and created cards. By the end of the day, piles of gifts were ready for delivery.

Students in eighth grade started the excitement as St. Nicholas assistants, filling bags with treats to place into the shoes of younger students, a tradition born of the saint said to have put coins in children’s shoes.

Beginning the day with presents motivated students to put all their effort into craft and card making. Their creations will be sent to St. Anne’s Retirement Community, the Lebanon VA Medical Center, St. Mary’s Community Meals and parishioners of St. Mary, St. Joseph, St. Anthony and San Juan Bautista churches who are confined to their homes.