Resurrection Catholic School Admissions

(Remaining the same for 2018-19.)

Resurrection Catholic School is run by a dedicated faculty, caring staff, devoted parents and enthusiastic volunteers. We celebrate diversity and our common goal is to provide a setting for students that builds character, self-esteem and the desire to succeed.

2017-2018 Admission Rates

All Families

Registration Fee per Family
(Non-Refundable) – $50

Children from Catholic Parishes

1 Child – $3,325
2 Children (5% Discount) – $6,317
3 Children (10% Discount) – $8,977
4 or more Children – No Additional Charge

Other Children (Non-Catholic)

1 Child – $4,695
2 Children – $8,920

Financial Aid is available by applying to the Neumann Fund and/or FACTS Financial Assistance.
Please contact the school office for information at 717-392-3083.
Applications must be filed by April 1 for the next school year

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