25th Anniversary Tuition Incentives

Resurrection Catholic School is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The school opened in 1991-92 when three schools — St. Joseph, St. Mary and St. Anthony — consolidated. The name was chosen to represent the rising and beginning of a new school.

In celebration of our anniversary, we are offering tuition discounts to new families who register for the 2017-18 school year AND to current families who refer new students.

How It Works

One Free Year

  • For New Families.
  • Also for returning families.
  • We are a K-8 school, so the amount is spread over nine years. Tuition is $3,325 a year, so the discount is $369.45 every year.
  • Students who enter in kindergarten receive the equivalent of one free year of tuition by the time they graduate 8th grade. 
  • New students who enter other grades receive a $369.45 discount each year.

5% Off

  • For Current Families.
  • Refer a new family that enrolls a student(s) who attends school in 2017-18, and receive a 5% reduction in tuition ($166.25).

Family and Friends

  • For Relatives and Friends of Current Families.
  • Refer a new student(s) who enrolls and attends next year, and you may designate a Resurrection family to receive a 5% reduction in tuition ($166.25).


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the Tuition Incentive Program for 2017-18. If these details still leave you with questions, call us at 717-392-3083. We will be happy to talk to you!

Q: My kindergarten student will start at Resurrection in the fall. He is my oldest child. Do we qualify for the free year tuition discount?

A: Yes. If you’ve not had students at Resurrection, you are considered a new family and you qualify for a discount each year the child is at Resurrection.


Q: My child attended Resurrection in the past, but then changed schools. If we return to Resurrection, will we qualify for the tuition discount?

A: Yes. Returning families are eligible for the new family tuition discount.


Q: My kindergarten student will start in the fall and she is excited to be in the same school as her sister. Does she qualify for the tuition discount?

A: No. The discount is for new or returning families. Current families can save on their tuition if they refer new or returning families to Resurrection. Relatives and friends of current families can also apply discounts to the student or students of their choice.


Q: If I refer a family to Resurrection, will I receive a 5% discount for every year the referred child attends Resurrection?
No. The discount for a referral is applied for one year only, 2017-18, our 25th anniversary year.


Q: If I refer a family with three children and they all attend Resurrection, will I receive a 5% discount for each child?

A: No. The 5% discount is for each family, not each child. However, if you refer a child or children from a different family, you will qualify for an additional discount for that family.


Q: If a new family comes to Resurrection with three children, will each child receive the discount?

A: Yes. The tuition discount is on the family’s tuition bill. The cost for a family of three to attend Resurrection is $8,977 ($3,325 each plus a 10% discount). The cost for a family of three to attend Resurrection with the 25th anniversary incentive applied is $7,868.65. Taken together, that’s a savings of more than $2,000 on the family’s tuition bill. Note: these figures are for Catholic parishioners. Other families will receive a discount on their total bill as well.


Q: If I refer a family that attends the year after next, will I receive a 5% discount on tuition.

A: No. The discount applies to the 2017-18 year only, our anniversary year.


Q: What if my next door neighbor refers a new family to Resurrection. Can I receive a discount for the referral?

A: Yes. The friends and family discount applies to extended family members and to friends. If your next door neighbor wants to credit your family with the referral, the 5% discount will be applied to your tuition bill.


Q: I have two children at Resurrection and already receive the standard 5% discount for a second child. If I refer a new family to Resurrection, will I receive an additional 5% off my tuition payment?

A: Yes and No. You will receive an additional discount, but not an additional 5% percent. The 5% referral discount applies to the tuition cost for one child, $3,325. The discount is $166.25. Your tuition bill for 2017-18 will be $6,317 for two children, which is a 5% savings. Your discount for the referral is $166.25, so your bill for your two children will be $6,150.75.


Q: I have already enrolled and paid my registration fee of $50. I didn’t tell the principal at the time that I was encouraged to enroll by my brother whose children attend Resurrection. Can he get the discount at a later date?

A: You must let the principal know about any referrals at the time you enroll and pay your $50 registration fee. This makes accounting for finances go more smoothly. However, the principal has discretionary authority to grant late requests, so you may talk to the principal about your circumstances.